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Kiva Chocolate Bars! The award-winning and famous “triple strength” Kiva 180mg Chocolate Bars are potent great-tasting. The chocolate bars are perfect for patients with high tolerances. This edible line is an exceptional value with three times the amount of medicine for only twice the price. Only the highest quality cannabis and ingredients are infused together, making this an absolute “must have” edible.

The 60mg chocolate bar comes in two flavors, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, while the 180mg bar comes in Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate, Blackberry Dark Chocolate, Mint Irish Cream, Milk Chocolate and Tangerine Dark Chocolate. Each is produced from a mixed blend of indica and sativa strains, sourced from the highest quality California cannabis. The bars themselves are separated into four breakable squares, making it easy to control the amount of THC you’re intaking (the company says it’s working on a CBD-based product).

The Kiva Bar:

Their flagship product, the Kiva Bar is a chocolate bar that comes in two doses—60mg and 180mg of THC and are made in six different flavors. The Kiva Bar has become a household name to most in the cannabis industry after winning Best Edible at both the San Francisco and Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013. Kiva’s bars have also appeared in a Forbes article related to appropriate cannabis branding. Despite its multiple awards, low-tolerance consumers shouldn’t fear!



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