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Buy Lowell Smokes Prerolls Online! Lowell Herb Co presents 3.5 grams of 100% pesticide free, all flower, pre-rolled smokes in a convenient package. With no trim and no shake, these premium prerolls each pack a big punch. Lowell’s Herb CBD Hemp Smokes premium pre-rolled smokes contain strains and effect-based blends. Lab tested with CBD percentage (17%) and strain information detailed on every pack. All-natural, CBD smokes and flower. Matches included for convenience. Single Pack of 7 or Pre-roll Single (1 gram).

The sun-grown blends come in sativa, indica, and hybrid dominant varieties! A pack of Lowell Smokes contains 10 premium joints with a total of 7 grams of all organic flower that test between 22%-25% THC.

Lowell Smokes is high quality hand made and unique smoking essentials shop, where patience is rewarded as you browse our wide range of smoke wares. From rolling papers and roach clips to pipe cleaners and lighters, each item has been carefully selected to complement your experience from the humble to the sublime. Come and get it at the Lowell-Smoke Shop. We have a wide selection of cheap easy to smoke and great tasting cigarettes, cigars and accessories as well as pipes for smokers of any type and size!.



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