Stiiizy – X-Blend Prerolls – 5pk

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The Stiiizy X-Blend Prerolls pack an “X-tra” punch with a proprietary blend of well-known and lesser-known cannabinoids. Enjoy strains such as Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, and Watermelon Z. Each jar contains 5 0.7g prerolls. With a smooth inhale and tasteful exhale, each and every STIIIZY HEMP 40’s is packed with premium hemp flower, specifically made to ensure a potent and long-lasting high. just to bring that Spark!

Discover a whole new world of potent puffs with the brand new Stiiizy X-Blend Multi Pack Pre-Rolls! Each jar contains 5 premium pre-rolls made with a blend of delta 8, delta 10, HHC, HHC-P, and THC-P, and infused with live resin for slow burning joy. Indica and sativa options available, plus you can pick from the three different strains.

STIIIZY X-Blend 40’s is our methodically sensational blend of chosen cannabinoids that packs an “X”tra punch blended with live resin, then infused with premium hemp flower.

Relive the 40’s!


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